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Pain Management

Are you experiencing back and neck discomfort/pain you don’t know how to resolve?

Do you feel you have put up with this long enough? You want to find a solution to reduce this distressing pain and hopefully, make it go away entirely.
Is this stopping you from doing the things you love? Or making work unbearable?

You feel a dull ache in the muscles that just won’t go away. Perhaps it has even developed to a more burning pressure in arms or legs. If you are an active person this can be especially frustrating. Pain is limiting. It does this for good reason. Pain is a protective mechanism to preserve your life. It limits further damage being done to the injured part of your back or neck. It’s also a message telling you that you need help.

Pain doesn’t make you a better person. In fact, over time it will actually change who you are. It has been shown in scientific literature that the brain remaps itself according to stimulus. Longstanding pain could get “hard wired” in the brain. It can remain present even when the injury has healed. Life is short. There is no point in wasting time being a grouch or a couch potato due to pain. There are so many amazingly better things to do.

Do you have demanding work at the office? Sitting long hours at a desk can place strenuous demands on the body. Slogging away at your work, a small niggle can go from an ache to something excruciating. Neck pain is a common result of too much work at the computer. All that weight of the arm hinges on the poor wrists. Work is necessary. Most can’t change the work environment, but there are options to change and alleviate the negative impact on vulnerable parts of the body due to work situations.

If you are struggling with back and neck pain, we can help you to relieve the discomfort and return to normal life doing the things you love.

Acupuncture and massage are a great way to help solve this problem. Releasing the soft tissue and muscle tension gives relief from the pain. Releasing muscle tightness can also provide more room for the nerves. Reduced irritation of the nerves will reduce pain.


Pain management includes:

Therapeutic Yoga advice by our expert doctor as per your condition
Naturopathy treatment as per prescription
o Ayurvedic treatment as per prescription
o Pain management Acupuncture ( optional) session as per prescription
o Therapeutic dietary guidelines
o Yogic guidelines for pain management
o Physiotherapy treatment as per the prescription

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