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Neuro Care

This is the condition in which you are unable to move certain body parts. It can be complete or partial. It can occur on both sides of your body, lower half of the legs, or one side of the body.

The following are the various types of paralysis:

  1. Complete Paralysis: In this condition, you do not feel any sensation in your muscles neither you can move or control your muscles.
  2. Partial Paralysis: It is a condition in which you can feel some sensation in your muscles. The other terms for this type are ‘paresis’ and incomplete paralysis.
  3. Localised paralysis: It affects in a particular area. This could be your face, feet, hands or vocal cords.
  4. Generalised paralysis: This type can affect more than one body part at a time. This includes:
    • Monoplegia: It affects only one arm or a leg.
    • Diplegia: This type of generalised, affects both the arms or legs or both sides of the face.
    • Hemiplegia: This type affects just one side of the human body. This condition occurs due to a stroke.
    • Quadriplegia: Also known as tetraplegia, it affects both the arms and the legs are paralysed along with some organs.
    • Paraplegia: The body below the waist portion is paralysed in such type.
  5. Locked-in syndrome: It is the rarest form of paralysis. In this type, a person loses control over every part of the body except the muscles which control their eye movements.


Naturopathy treatments in combination with Ayurveda and Acupuncture have been found very effective in all types of paralysis.

Paralysis Management inclusions:

  • Complimentary Exercise sessions.
  • Complete Ayurvedic treatment as per prescriptions.
  • Complete Naturopathy treatment as per prescriptions.
  • Acupuncture treatment as per condition and prescription.
  • Physiotherapy treatment.
  • Naturopathy Diet prescription.
  • Follow up guidelines.

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