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Pregnancy Care

This program was developed for expectant as well as postpartum women. The prenatal component of the program involves strengthening muscles that support the spine and pelvis, which will relieve or prevent typical pregnancy back and pelvic aches. Breathing and stretching exercises are incorporated for areas that need to be limber during childbirth. Postnatal care focuses on strengthening the pelvic floor and abdominals to aid in restoring these areas after the physical stress of child bearing and birth.

At your initial visit, our physician will perform a thorough evaluation. He or she will examine common problem areas, such as gait, range of motion, posture, and overall mobility to determine what the best course of treatment will be for you. After your evaluation, our Doctor will create a specialized treatment plan, keeping in mind your medical history and any health restraints you may have.

A large part of our pregnancy program includes neuromuscular re-education. Essentially, your therapist will help you re-train certain muscles on how they are meant to work. The effects of pregnancy take a large toll on your body, especially when exercise is limited, and sometimes muscles need to be trained once again on how to function properly. This may include anything from back and core exercises to pelvic floor strengthening. Exercise is important during pregnancy, unless stated otherwise by your obstetrician. Women who exercise during pregnancy tend to recover much quicker, and their babies tend to be healthier.

Other forms of treatment may be suggested as well, such as manual therapy to mobilize joints and relieve stress and inflammation, or ergonomic training to make juggling your numerous daily responsibilities a bit easier. Your Doctor may also suggest some helpful home remedies to ease discomfort and promote a healthy pregnancy. Overall, our pregnancy program will help in improving the factors that may be holding you back.


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Pregnancy is hard work – its okay to get some help! Schedule an appointment with our Doctor today, and find out how out our pregnancy program services can benefit you. Jagati Nature Care will help you make preparations for your new bundle of joy as smooth as possible.

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