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A proper bowel movement for evacuating waste is necessary for our body to function in the right way. And if one is facing a problem to do so. Enema is your answer to the imbalance caused in your body. This is also known as rectal irrigation. Regularize your digestive system with the help of enema. Enema gives with normalneutralwarmherbsbuttermilk – infused water is based on the status of your health. The patient lies down on his right, extending his right leg and folding the left leg at the right angle. The enema nozzle which is smeared with oil or Vaseline is introduced into the rectum. Slowly the can is raised to a height of 3 ft from the patient and water allowed to enter the rectum.


  • Improved digestion with optimum appetite and bowel movement.
  • Lightness of body especially abdomen.
  • Helps with deficiency diseases as the absorption improves.
  • Improvement is food intolerances.
  • Relief from imbalances and diseases.
  • Flexibility with muscles, tendons and joints.

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