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Colon hydrotherapy is a hygienic method of cleansing the colon through gentle infusions of purified water, which introduces water the entire large intestine to be cleansed. It is entails that the client lye on the treatment table. A small lubricated disposable speculum is gently inserted in to the rectum via the anus 2-3 inches. The warmed and filtered water slowly released in to the colon via the rectum. This therapy session lasts around 45 to 65 minutes. During the session approximately 25 to 30 gallons of water is passed into and out of the large intestine helping to restore the colon natural function by peristalsis.



  • Makes the digestive system more effective.
  • Maintain regularity and prevents constipation.
  • Increases energy.
  • Increases the body absorption of vitamins and nutrients.
  • Improves concentration.
  • Starts weight loss.
  • Decreases risk of colon cancer.
  • Increases fertility.
  • Maintains PH balance in the blood stream.
  • Improves whole body well being.

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