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Mud Therapy

Mud Bath is very simple and effective treatment modality. The mud used for this should be clean and taken from 3 to 4 ft depth from the surface of the ground. There should be on contamination of stone piece or chemical manures etc in the mind. It is helps to improve the skin condition by increasing the circulation and energizing the shin tissue.



  • The biggest benefit mud bath treatment exerts is on the skin.
  • Mud therapy enhances the vision and makes the eye stress free.
  • Mud bath therapy helps in relaxing the digestive system and strengthening the entire associated organ.
  • Applying mud bath therapy on the head is a really relaxing experience. It reduces stress, depression, anxiety, and helps in getting a good sleep.
  • In conditions such as arthritis, the intense pain and swelling around the affected area can be easily countered by mud bath therapy.

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