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Vasti is an important treatment in Ayurveda and it is especially meant for rheumatic diseases. There are many types of vasti . This treatment should be done under the guidance of an expert Ayurveda doctor. The vasti treatment is very effective in every aspect. In pancha karma the vasti plays a key role and it ensures result and guaranted relax to vata disorders.


In Ayurveda have many types of vasti like:

KATI BASTI: The word kati refers to low back and vasti stand for retaining something inside in this case mainly medicated oil. The procedure of applying heat to the sacral or lumber region by retaining warm medicated oil within a specially formed frame in this area is popularly known as “katibasti”.

JANU BASTI: The JANU means knee joint and Basti means to hold (compartment which Hold ) .Thus janu vasti means a treatment in which medicated oil are poured and pooled for a fixed duration of time in a compartment or a cabin constructed around the knee joint.

GREEVA BASTI: The greeva basti means a treatment in which medicated oils are poured and pools for a fixed duration of time in a compartment or a cabin constructed over the neck or nape of the neck (back side of the neck ) area using wet flour of black gram covering the cervical region.

SHIRO BASTI: Shiro basti is done to provide relief to patients from neurological health problems. Anyone who wants strong immunity for physical as well as mental health. In shiro basti the patient first sits on a wooden stool and the head is secured with a leather cap, so the oil dose not leak out. It acts as a container to hold the medicated oil. The oil stays on the head for roughly 45 minute and is then drained out . It is helpful in deafness and facial paralysis and relief sinusitis problems.

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