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The word yoga is derived from the Sanskrit root “yuj” which means to join or to unity. Yoga is a union of the mind, body and soul. Yoga is the best exercise for people with heart problems and for those who want to stay fit and healthy for life. Regular practices of Yoga maintain the physical body in an optimum condition and cultivates peace. It help to lower the blood pressure, increases lung capacity .



  • Can Decrease Stress.
  • Relieves Anxiety.
  • Could Improve Heart Health.
  • Fight against Depression.
  • Could Promote Sleep Quality.
  • Improve Flexibility And Balance.
  • Relieve Migraines.
  • Increase Strength.


Meditation is a precise technique for resting the mind and attaining a state of consciousness that is totally different from the normal waking state .It is the means for fathoming all the levels of ourselves and finally experiencing the center of consciousness within. Meditation is not a part of any religion, it is a science, which means that the process of meditation follows a particular, definite principle and produces results that can be verified.



  • Gaining a new perspective on stressful situation.
  • Building skills to manage your stress.
  • Increasing self awareness.
  • Focusing on the present.
  • Reducing negative emotions.
  • Increasing imagination and creativity.
  • Increasing patience and tolerance.
  • Increasing Memory power.
  • Reduced anxiety & insomnia.

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