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Yoga is not a religion; it’s a way of living that aims towards a healthy mind in a healthy body. Man is a physical, mental and spiritual being; Yoga helps in developing the balance between all the three. Other forms of exercise, like aerobics, only assure physical wellbeing. These exercises have very little to do with the improvement of spiritual or astral body.

Yoga is not just about bending or twisting the body and holding the breath. It is a technique to bring you into a state where you see and experience reality simply the way it is. If you enable your energies to become exuberant and ecstatic, your sensory body expands. This enables you to experience the whole universe as a part of yourself, making everything one, this is the union that yoga creates.

The founder of Yoga, Patanjali stated, "Sthiramsukhamasanam." It implies that a posture that appears to be firm and agreeable is your asana. You may be astounded to know that an asana is just a preliminary step into the act of yoga. It is a way that encourages you to achieve the greater good. Yoga focuses on idealizing concordance between your mind, body, and soul. When you adjust yourself so everything functions brilliantly within you, you will draw out the best of your capabilities.

Jagati brings you a unique combination of Hatha &Vinyasa flow to strengthen not only your external body but also to purify the internal organs and to make you a healthier yourself. Our Yoga system comprises the traditional therapeutic application to heal your present illness. If you have any serious illness related to postural abnormality or other health issues it is advised to consult with our physician before going for the program.


Yoga Package inclusions:

  • Post yoga session Complimentary Naturopathic herbal tea.
  • Two month once free Medical health check-up for 1 year package beneficiaries( applicable only for therapeutic Yoga sessions).
  • 1 Hour exclusive yoga session.
  • Complimentary Yoga mat ( Branded cloth material )

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Jagati Nature care offers integrative health services and therapeutic treatments designed for accelerated healing, disease prevention, and long-lasting vitality.

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